The easiest way to store and present your media files online

The easiest way to store and present your media files online

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Store your files securely

Upload multiple files and folders at one time. Use fully encrypted (SSL) sessions to keep your files safe.

Collaborate with your clients

Share ideas and get feedback on your projects. Create uniquely branded portals for your clients and teams to use.

Present your work effectively

See your files, not just file names using a rich, visual interface. Automatically generate thumbnail and previews of many professional image and video formats like PSD, AI, TIF, AVI, MOV, JPG, etc.

Meet Jane. She’s a Freelance Designer. She uses ContentCube® to make sure clients and vendors get her files so they can approve and print them, fast.

She loves that she can upload Photoshop and Illustrator files directly without having to create .pdfs first, and that ContentCube® automatically creates .jpg preview versions of files for her clients to approve.

Bob shoots and edits videos for a variety of clients – from retail businesses to HR training consultants. They all have one thing in common; they need to be able to check the progress of Bob’s work, quickly and easily.

With ContentCube®, they have access to only the files they need, see thumbnail images to find what they need fast, and play the videos online without the overhead of lengthy downloads.

Sarah is a marketing director for a large multi-national company. She’s under tremendous pressure to get internal and external clients what they want, when they want it.

Because ContentCube® allows her clients to easily access her department's work in a secure and visual environment, Sarah can spend more time brainstorming compelling creative and less time managing clients.

Dave is the IT guy. He’s got to keep the infrastructure up and running, and he doesn’t have a lot of time to support his company’s employees.

He subscribed to ContentCube®’s services so that he won’t have to spend valuable time managing an inflexible, cumbersome FTP site with hundreds of accounts.

When Lisa’s on the road selling, she needs to customize presentations and retrieve sales materials fast. Whether the situation calls for PowerPoint or PDF, with ContentCube®, all she needs is an Internet connection, and she can add and download the marketing files she needs in a format she can use. Which is great, because Lisa’s much better at closing sales than dealing with FTP sites.



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