Try the best ftp alternative for designers and video professionals.

Want the best file sharing software? Use ContentCube

Looking for the best file sharing software for your graphic design company or marketing agency? ContentCube’s easy file sharing application is much more than a visual FTP. It’s a media management system and online collaboration tool in one, giving you a secure, organized, simple and stylish way to send large files to your clients and colleagues. Say goodbye to cumbersome and inflexible FTP hosting or email systems that don’t give you a way to track comments and file versions.


Simple and intuitive to use, ContentCube is truly the best file sharing software available. Online data storage features include a drag-n’-drop single custom upload window and folder trees just like on your own hard drive with the added feature of being able to add comments and notes to each file. When you’re ready to share your work it doesn’t matter whether it’s service bureau file delivery you’re after or high quality, secure video sharing, just create a folder and click “Email Link” to send to whoever you want.

With ContentCube, file sharing is SSL encrypted, and comes with a rich presentation mode that can be branded with your own or your client’s logo. And because we support multiple file formats you don’t have to worry about whether your clients have the same software as you or waste time exporting your work to another format. This is easy file sharing and web collaboration at its best. We even have client management tools like email notifications that let you know when a client has reviewed a file and when they have approved it so you can focus on your work and let ContentCube do the waiting.

Secure online file sharing and collaboration for media professionals.

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